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Rent or Buy, we have you covered.

The TENS machine offers exactly the relief you need, at precisely the moment you need it.


Whether suffering from chronic pain or looking for drug-free pain relief in labour,  we offer two types of TENS machines- one specifically for pain from childbirth, and one specifically for muscle pains.

The FreeMOM was my constant companion and I know I couldn’t have relaxed and done as well and as quick as I did (comfortably) without it.
— Holly, Comox Valley, BC
As a doula, we connect our clients with the Freemom TENS machines and find a great impact on mom’s comfort as she labours. I reached for one for my own birth and it was a glorious tool that gave me relief and a focus during my contractions that I was grateful to have. I will continue to recommend Freemom TENS machines and use them myself as our family grows!
— Christine, Calgary AB
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The nurses at St. Joseph Hospital were very impressed with the machine. And I would suggest it to any women going into labour. I will definitely rent one again for my next child.
— Suzanne, Comox BC
Everything went great, it was a textbook example of a perfect delivery. And to complete the Canadian experience, we had to dig our way out of a snowstorm in the middle of the night to get to the hospital…The TENS was extremely appreciated as usual, and this time it was the only thing required for pain.
— Yael, Halifax NS