FreeMom TENS Benefits

Superior Features

  • FreeMOM is a small, easy to handle unit. FreeMOM is very simple to use and may be placed around your neck for Freedom of movement.
  • “Set and Forget” stimulation settings. No need to control the stimulation intensity during each contraction.
  • Two long electrodes cover the spinal nerves to the uterus and cervix resulting in greater coverage and less wires to get in the way or tangled.
  • High efficacy rate (effective in 92% of natural births*).
  • Training on the use of FreeMOM by qualified health care professionals if required.
  • Used in hospitals throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and by thousands of mothers world-wide.
  • Medical Device Licence- Health Canada
  • Certified by the TGA Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration). CE certified (European Community Regulatory Services).


  • Safe, simple, and drug free
  • Initiates the action of the body’s own natural pain –relieving mechanisms.
  • Used to provide a background level of pain relief to which any other form of analgesia may be added if required or prior to epidural.
  • May be used while still at home, or from the time you arrive at the hospital.
  • May shorten the 1st stage of labour, but otherwise does not alter the natural course of labour.
  • Allows the mother to be fully mobile and “in control” during her labour, unlike some other methods of pain relief.
  • Can be easily interrupted or discontinued at any time during the labour. (It may need to be disconnected during internal foetal monitoring).
  • Benefits of greater comfort during early stages of labour are carried throughout the birth process.
  • Can also be used for after-birth pain, restless leg syndrome and other pain e.g. lower back pain and shoulder/neck pain.